Orthopedic Doctor in Thane

An orthopedic doctor uses conservative methods to diagnose and treat diseases of the muscles, bones, ligaments, tendons, and joints. A doctor who uses surgery to treat problems of the bones, muscles, and joints is called an orthopaedic surgeon. Some of the top orthopedic doctor in Thane works at Orthoking an orthopedic clinic in Thane to treat patients completely and ensure an early recovery.

The medical specialty that focuses on addressing these conditions is orthopedics. A physician who specializes in this area is known as an orthopedist, orthopedic surgeon, or ortho doctor in Thane. In addition to performing surgery, they are qualified to identify and treat problems using various methods. Because nearly all orthopaedic specialists work as part of a team, their specialties are diverse.

Because there are so many different types of orthopedics, most orthopaedic specialists specialize in one. For instance, hand, foot, and sports injuries are some of the most popular specialties within orthopedics.

Orthopedic Doctor in Thane

What does an orthopedic Doctor Do?

A trained orthopedic doctor can identify orthopedic issues, provide or recommend treatments, and help with rehabilitation. They can also assist you in creating long-term plans for treating conditions affecting your bones, joints, ligaments, tendons, and muscles.

This kind of specialist is capable of a wide range of operations, such as the ankle, knee, hip, spinal, hand, and neck surgeries. The majority of the time, they’ll try to solve the problem in the least invasive and comprehensive manner feasible, which might not include surgery.

Reason to see an orthopedic doctor

People most frequently visit the best orthopedic doctor in Thane when they experience pain in a joint, muscle, or bone, or any discomfort that affects their ability to move. You may wish to consult an orthopedic surgeon if your body hurts, is stiff, is frequently swollen, or if you have an injury to one of your joints, bones, muscles, or ligaments.

Orthopedic doctors can aid in your recovery and assist you in avoiding additional injuries if you have suffered a significant injury. This is why orthopedic surgeons frequently collaborate with athletes. Injuries that an orthopedic surgeon frequently treats include:

  • Damaged (ruptured) or torn ligaments
  • Fractured or torn tendons
  • Broken bones that cannot be healed by a cast
  • Osteoporotic hip or spine fractures
Best Orthopedic Doctor in Thane
Orthopedic in Thane

You may need to see an orthopedic surgeon for diagnosis of bone and soft-tissue (tendons and ligaments) issues caused by long-term illnesses such as:

  • Arthritis
  • Bursitis
  • Muscle and joint stiffness that persists
  • Non-cancerous (harmless) tumors
  • Bone cancers are cancerous tumors that begin in the bone (sarcomas)
  • Cancerous tumors that have spread from another site to the bone (metastatic)
  • Blood cancers, such as multiple myeloma, can weaken bones.

Surgery, medication, or physical therapy may be part of your treatment plan.

Why to consult the best orthopedic clinic in Thane – Orthoking

One of the main reasons to visit Orthoking an orthopedic clinic for any orthopedic treatment in Thane is our Specialists Doctor Dr. Bakul Arora&Dr. Priyank Patel. Both doctors are highly skilled and experienced in treating a variety of orthopedic conditions. They are also dedicated to providing their patients with the best possible care. You can rest assured that you’re in good hands with either of these doctors. At Orthoking our main priority is our patients we use the latest technology for any orthopedic treatment that’s why in this year’s lots of people trust us for any orthopedic treatment.

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Orthopedic Clinic in Thane

Orthopedic Doctor Services

Disc Replacement Surgery

Orthopedic clinic in thane

Common back pain will ease itself with rest for some days or even weeks, and a bit of therapy. However, if the pain persists for more than six months and is not getting better by therapy or medication may require disc replacement surgery in order to allow the body to function normally.

A disc replacement procedure can help restore mobility and ease the pain. Orthoking is ranked among the Best  Spine Clinic in Thane  and, with many of the best Spine Surgeon in Thane  in Thane on board, it has raised the standard of orthopaedic treatments and surgeries in the city.


Total Knee Replacement Surgery

Bones specialist doctor in thane

If you’re in search of the best  knee replacement surgeon in Thane Then you should look no further than Orthoking Orthocare Centre . The total knee replacement procedures we offer are secure, effective and effective to relieve pain, correct deformity, and helping many patients to return to their daily lives.

Joint Replacement Surgery

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In this operation an injured joint is replaced by a prosthesis that mimics the motion of a normal joint. We offer one of the best  joint replacement surgery in Thane for ankles, knees, hips wrists, elbows, wrists and shoulders. The most frequently performed surgeries are knee and hip replacement surgery.

Total Hip Replacement Procedure

Orthopedic Surgeon in thane

If you’re in search of the Best  Hip Replacement Surgeon  in Thane Then you should look no further than Orthoking Orthocare Centre . The Total hip replacement procedures we offer are secure, effective and effective to relieve pain, correct deformity, and helping many patients to return to their daily lives.


Orthopedic Surgeon in Mumbai

A very common joint condition where inflammation can occur within one joint or several joints. Doctors try to try anti-inflammatory medication in the beginning to reduce swelling and ease the discomfort. However, surgery will be necessary if the joint cartilage has become too damaged, and any effort to move the joint becomes painful.


Orthopedic specialist doctor in thane

The most well-known joint bone disorder that is well-known to us, osteoporosis causes bones less strong and more susceptible to fractures that are extremely easy and rare. The disease usually doesn’t cause any pain symptoms. In the event that you suspect you are suffering from osteoporosis you must seek out the best Spine Specialist doctor in Thane for prompt intervention.


Orthopedic Surgeon in thane

It is a frequent occurrence and occurs due to irritation of the vertebral joint. Similar to osteoporosis and spondylosis , it develops without symptoms and then becomes noticeable when it is fully established. There are three kinds of spondylitis: cervical ankylosing and lumbar spondylitis. Here at Orthoking Healthcare, we have physicians, physiotherapists , and caregivers work together to improve a patient’s posture as well as mobility since spondylitis is remedied easily using these techniques when needed, as well as medications.

At Orthoking Our or orthopedic doctor in thane don’t recommend spine surgery unless there’s no other alternative. We offer our patients with the highest quality of treatment and care that is comprehensive from the moment of consultation until the time of discharge. Our patients are evaluated to determine if they’re suitable candidates for surgery. The ideal patients are the ones who don’t have any prior history for disc surgical procedures, don’t have osteoporosis , or any spinal deformity, and must be in excellent general health, have no spine infection or arthritis and are not overweight and shouldn’t be pregnant, but preferably.

Spine Surgery

  • Microscopic Discectomy
  • Spinal Fixation
  • Lumbar Canal Stenosis Decompression
  • Correction of Spondylolisthesis
  • Kyphoplasty

Pediatric Orthopedic

  • CTEV (Club Foot)
  • CDH (Congenital Dislocation Hip)
  • Polydactyly correction
  • Genu Varum/ Valgus correction
  • Cubitus varus correction


  • Minimally Invasive Techniques for Plating
  • Multidisciplinary Treatment of Polytrauma

Limb Reconstruction & Limb Lengthening

  • Ilizarov
  • Rail Fixation
  • Tendon Transfer
  • Deformity Correction

Arthroscopy & Sports Injury

  • ACL/PCL Reconstruction
  • Meniscal Repair
  • Chondroplasty
  • Bankart’s Repair
  • Rotator Cuff Repair
  • SLAP Repair
  • Sub Acromial Decompression